Electronic components recovery IC chip recovery

We need to buy original electronic products from stock all over the world.

Pyeongtaek IC Recycling Co., Ltd. is a professional recycling company of electronic products, focusing on batch recycling of electronic chips, communication equipment, semiconductors, integrated circuits, mobile IC, wafer recycling. We are terminal recycling enterprises, recycling prices are high, good service.

Electronic components recovery IC chip recovery
IC recycling

The recycling projects of mobile IC, circuit board and electronic components are as follows:

Recovery of electronic components
CPU recycling
Memory module reclamation
E-waste recovery
IC recycling of mobile phones
Gold - plated line edge recycling
Probe recovery
Waste wafer edge material recycling
IC scrap recycling
Crystals recycling
Recycle the battery protection board
Recovery of gold and silver circuit board
Single chip recovery
Electron capacitance recovery
Thick film circuit recovery
Integrated circuit board recovery
Recovery of flexible circuit board
Semiconductor integrated circuit recovery
Patch recovery
LCD recovery
IGBT and all kinds of single chip recovery
Display driver IC recovery
Recovery of FPC flexible cord board
Electronic foot recovery
SMD recycling
SMT recycling
The USB pin is recovered

Mobile phone chip recovery, mobile phone parts recovery such as: mobile phone wiring, camera, IC, screen assembly, cover, frame, back cover, tail plug and other parts.